Many Thanks for Those Working the Holidays!

A big shout out to the nurses at Kaiser Woodland Hills Hospital especially in the ER and Telemetry. Thanks for all you did for my mom the past few days. We’re thankful for those who worked the holiday and holiday weekend!! Because being there for patients, sacrificing time with our own loved ones, is what we do. The 10 firefighters and paramedics were great too!!!!(And soooo good looking too.)

Had the ultimate scary experience! Went to pick up mom for Thanksgiving dinner and found her in the bathtub. Alert, oriented X4, but cold from spending the night in the tub. No she won’t wear the Life Alert, and doesn’t take her cordless phone to the bathroom…..she thinks she’s invincible!!!

She doesn’t like to drink fluids, because then she has to pee too much and that’s an annoyance. But….dehydration, passing out, slipping down into the tub (she’s only showered for 5 years now)and not being able to get out is not ????!!! How many times have we heard this???

Well with great care, she’s home now and improving everyday with great home health care. Have a whole new set of surveillance products installed that will help prevent this from happening again. She’s drinking fluids now and eating regularly, but when I go home we’ll have a different plan in place. Finances don’t allow for much hired help, and she’s way too independent to place her so we’ll take it one day at a time and see where we go.

Another loved one had a massive stroke and heart attack on Thanksgiving. So we are grateful to the nurses (and doctors) who spent their holiday working too….and all the days since….

My point here…..many thanks to all of you who have sacrificed and spent your holidays working!! KNOW that you have done something to make a difference for your patients and their loved ones.

Nurses make a difference everyday, not just holidays and weekends!!!!! But we all know that when you’re overworked, under appreciated and underpaid….working holidays is even less attractive.

When you’ve been on the other side, and remember the holidays you spent with loved ones in the hospital for years to come, you remember the nurses who made that difference for you….

It’s always nice to know that patients and family members appreciate the sacrifices!!!