Voices of Meningitis Initiative

The National Association of School Nurses is hoping to help save lives this year and inform parents about the dangers of meningitis for teens and preteens ages 11-18. This can be prevented if children receive the vaccine.

Actress Lori Laughlin is a mother of 3 herself and is the national spokesperson for the Voices of Meningitis Initiative. She has made a public service announcement video (see below) and along with school nurses across the country the initiative hopes to inform parents about the dangers of meningococcal meningitis.

Although this disease is rare, it is also hard to recognize in early stages because the symptoms are similar to those of other virus such as the flu. But it can claim a life in just a day. The bacteria can be spread by sharing eating utensils and drinking glasses or bottles as well as through kissing.

It has been a well known hazard for college students and dormitory life for several years now. Vaccination for college freshmen is often mandatory especially for students living in dorms.

Learn more about the dangers of meningococcal meningitis in teens and preteens and help educate the public.
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