• R.I.P.

    What a day! RIP Farrah and Michael. There are some nasty rumors of other deaths today too, and I certainly hope they are just nasty rumors. It has been enough. And Ed McMahon just days ago. As many hospice nurses will note, the bus comes and many usually go within hours or a few days. This has always been a Hollywood superstition, and this week we lost some really great people and stars! May they be at peace and their loved ones full of happy memories to keep them alive forever.

  • How is the Recession Impacting Your Career?

    Cathy Duchamp is an award winning freelance radio reporter who is looking to interview a few nurses for an upcoming story on NPR (National Public Radio) for their Marketplace program. The topic is the impact of the recession on the nursing shortage. For example, is the Great Recession temporarily slowing down the nursing shortage? If anyone fits one of the following categories and would be willing to be interviewed for this program, please email Cathy Duchamp at cathyduchamp at hotmail.com. Here are the categories of nurses Cathy is looking for: an *experienced* nurse who’s coming back to the field from retirement or one who’s decided to delay retirement due to…

  • Ready for the Next Level in Your Education and Career?

    Nurses who are looking to take their career and education to the next level may be interested in online learning and degree opportunities. eLearners.com, one of our sponsors, has provided some interesting information in an article entitled “Resuscitate Your Career with an Online Nursing Degree.”

  • Happy Father’s Day!

    Just taking a moment to reflect on my dad, grandpas, and all the men in my life who are dads. Wishing everyone a very Happy Father’s Day!! Enjoy!!

  • HawthoRNe

    After the disaster of Nurse Jackie on Showtime, it was a relief to see nurses being portrayed as strong professionals who have human issues to deal with, but aren’t always drugged up, whacked out, sex addicts! Jada Pinkett Smith portrays Chief Nursing Officer Christina Hawthorne RN who is a strong patient advocate and mentor to a staff of nurses who are representative of many of the nurses we have all known from new grads to the cocky ones who get themselves into trouble trying to buck the system. Hawthorne is on TNT on Tuesday nights at 9/8 C. “Am I going to cry everyday?” asks the young new grad. Hawthorne…