• California Nurses Ask What You Could Do With $150,000

    The California Nurses Association is asking what you could do with the $150,000 the Republican National Committee recently spent on Gov. Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup. “Spending $150,000 for a one month wardrobe while painting yourself as a ‘hockey mom’ or the voice of ‘Joe Six Pack’ is an insult,” said CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro. The CNA/NNOC points out that the $22,800 the RNC spent on Palin’s makeup would pay for 224 mammograms, or 651 flu shots or would provide nearly 14 years worth of Lipitor for one person to lower his/her cholesterol. To illustrate their point, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC)has set up a…

  • Refelctions on Doctors from Kaplan Books

    Kaplan Books recently published the latest anthology in their Kaplan Voices Nurses series Reflections on Doctors. I was asked to contribute to this book and you’ll find my story, Rants to Raves, on page 85. Other contributors you may recognize include Emily McGee RN and Terry Ratner, RN, MFA who also served as editor for the book. The New York Times published a review of the book today and Terri Polick RN reviewed it on NursingJobs.org.

  • West Virginia Nurses: Renew Licenses NOW

    There are approximately 8000 nurses in West Virginia who have not yet renewed their licenses this year. The deadline is October 31, 2008. This is a change from previous years when the deadline was the end of the year. Nurses were all notified, but officials are becoming concerned. Nurses face fines of $500 for November and $100 per month thereafter if they continue to practice without renewing their license. Facilities can be fined as well for allowing the nurses to continue to practice. Nurses can renew licenses online at the West Virginia Board of Nursing. Payment by credit card is accepted. The cost of renewal is $35. Some nurses have…

  • Vote in the Poll

    I just added a poll in the sidebar. You can only vote once, but give us your opinion who should become the next US President and VP. It’s totally unscientific, just for fun, and anyone is allowed to voice their opinion whether they are a U.S. citizen or not. If you are a U.S. citizen, please remember to register and vote on Nov. 4!! Thanks for participating. Be an INFORMED voter! Information on the Health Care Plans for each candidate is available here.


    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All of the pink ribbons are meant to remind women everywhere to get a mammogram, and to learn and practice regular self-exams of their breasts. Getting to know your own body gives you the best advantage of finding an abnormality early. Early detection is a huge factor in the successful treatment of any cancer but especially breast cancer. Remind your patients that not all lumps are cancerous. If they find one, don’t panic, schedule an appointment and check it out to be sure. As nurses we need to set the example by doing. Schedule your mammogram today! Or remind your wife and other loved…