Online Nursing Education

One of the most common questions I get is how to find an online nursing program. If you already have your LPN/LVN or RN and are looking for a BSN or MSN program, there is a comprehensive list (and links) available from our sponsor, eLearners.com (see their ad at the top of the right hand column).

However, for those of you who have no nursing education, an online program is NOT an option. Why? Well you simply cannot learn how to become a nurse without hands-on clinical experiences and that you cannot get from the Internet.

All students have an option to take some of the general education courses such as English, history, social sciences and even some math or physical sciences online. Anything with a lab component such as chemistry, is going to require an on site classroom experience. It is possible to complete many courses online.

Some nursing programs do offer a few of their nursing theory courses online for non-nursing students, and in the future this may catch on even more due to the shortage of nurse educators, but lab and clinical classes require hands-on, physical presence.

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