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Simple Spanish for Nurses

I recently had the honor of reviewing a terrific resource book for health care professionals who treat Spanish speaking patients. Ahora Hablo Medical Edition Simple Steps to Communicate with Spanish-Speaking Patients is just that…. a simple to use guide.

Written by a high school Spanish teacher with the assistance of nurses and a doctor, this guide provides easy to use phrases and simple sentences to assist the health care professional in a head to toe assessment and basic patient teaching. It doesn’t take the place of an interpreter, but in a pinch it can certainly help to put your patients at ease and get the basic vital information to start diagnosing or treating the patient.
If you have some Spanish education, this guide helps you to focus your conversation skills in the health care arena. For those with no Spanish language experience, it offers simple phrases, sentences, and a pronunciation guide.
Where most basic Spanish language guides are for travelers who may need to ask where the bathroom is or how to get to a specific destination, this book covers medical terminology and health care related information. You won’t learn how to ask where Paco is or the library, but you just might be able to determine where your patient’s pain is or learn about his antibiotics.
It’s a great resource for public and home health professionals who find themselves in a patient’s home without a translator, as well as any clinic, medical office or hospital.
by M.H. Graham
ISBN 978-09791440-1-1
Megusta Publishing, Wauwatosa, WI
Image from Ahora Hablo