Health Care Bills & Nursing Funding Passed!

Take a break, enjoy your holidays! Take some time for YOU!!! Make the most of whatever time you have with your families. Know that you are doing something to make a difference in someone’s life! My aunt was hospitalized a couple of days ago and is very unhappy that she’ll have to be in over the holidays. I know I’m grateful for the terrific nurses who will help her to breath easier!

Congress passed the SCHIP renewal and the consolidated funding bill which appropriates $156.05 million for Title VIII nurse workforce development programs. Hurray! This is an increase of $6.4 million over last year’s funding. President Bush had suggested cuts of $44 million so this is a real victory. Pres. Bush is expected to sign these bills in the next few days.

Congress also sent legislation for President Bush to sign which will delay for at least six months any cuts in Medicare reimbursement to physicians. For the moment, some of the major health care issues seem to be holding their own.