• Color Psychology — what Color Scrubs do YOU Prefer?

    Wearing white is synonymous with nurses although for a long while now nurses have worn colorful uniforms and scrubs. Scrubs have come to be the most popular choice. And with so many options they will never be considered to be boring as was the old white nurses uniform and cap. Did you ever wonder why you are drawn to specific color scrubs, or why a facility or educational institute might favor a specific color? I find myself drawn to blue first and then to other colors. What about you? Check out this color info-graphic from Uniform Advantage on Color Psychology. View their online catalog for some terrific choices.    P.S.…

  • Stain Removal Guide

    Nurses are the most trusted professionals year after year in the Gallup Poll. Nurses try hard to maintain that level of professionalism despite all of the spills and stains they are unable to avoid each day. It’s not always easy to get those stains out! One of the sponsors of TheNursingSite.com, Uniform Advantage, has derived this terrific stain removal guide. I hope you find it useful! Anything that reduces laundry struggles for me is worth it’s weight in gold!! P.S. Check out the scrubs at Uniform Advantage too!

  • Win $25 Ecard for Scrubs

    We have the 5 winners of the Nurses Week contest. See the post on Facebook. Recently Uniform Advantage kindly offered me two $25 e-card (gift cards) for purchasing scrubs from their vast line of uniforms. So in honor of Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to run another contest this week on Facebook. RULES: Photo: Microsoft.com 1) You must LIKE The Nursing Site on Facebook (if you haven’t already done so) 2) AND Post something about how scrubs work for you. The drawing will be held on June 2, 2012. The 2 winners will be notified by private message on Facebook and posted on TheNursingSite page on Facebook.  Good luck!