• Nurses Who Blog

    I get asked a lot about how I got started blogging and was recently interviewed by Lisette Hilton for an article in Nurse.com. It’s a great article with tips and information from several nurses who blog. It’s a good place to start for those of you who’d  like to learn to blog about nursing or whatever your passion may be. I got my start working for About.com as the (last) guide to Nursing. It was a terrific learning experience.  When About.com disbanded the Nursing site, I started up this blog to carry on. Many of my About.com articles appear on TheNursingSite.com. Writing guest posts for other sites is a great…

  • The Nursing Site Rebuilt

    TheNursingSite.com has now been redesigned and rebuilt. If you are trying to link to a URL and getting a broken link, please refer to the Article Index to locate the files. Articles are now stored as .pdf fies and will require a .pdf reader to open such as Adobe Reader. Some links from the articles to other articles may not yet work, but those files can be found in the Article Index as well.