• The Nursing Site Rebuilt

    TheNursingSite.com has now been redesigned and rebuilt. If you are trying to link to a URL and getting a broken link, please refer to the Article Index to locate the files. Articles are now stored as .pdf fies and will require a .pdf reader to open such as Adobe Reader. Some links from the articles to other articles may not yet work, but those files can be found in the Article Index as well. 

  • Article Index Now on The Nursing Site

    I’m adding content to TheNursingSite and have now made an Article Index page so if you’re in a hurry to find a particular article you can find it there faster. Be sure to check the specific web pages however, as there is also relevant information and links you don’t want to miss. As always, if you have any specific content added, please be sure to Email me. And many thanks to those who have asked before they use my content!! It is important to respect copyrights!

  • A Holiday Card Available on The Nursing Site

    I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday! How’s your holiday shopping going? Hope it isn’t stressing you out too much. Stop and enjoy the season! If you’re looking for a card for your staff, fellow nurses or students, I have one available on The Nursing Site. For $5 (through PayPal) you can download and print your own on card stock or even regular paper. Print several, or take the .pdf file to your printer. Take the stress out of wishing your colleagues a happy holiday season!

  • Adding Content to The Nursing Site

    I have begun the tedious task of adding content to The Nursing Site from the old Nursing.About.com. I started with “How to Become a Nurse” articles and have a few others up as well. I estimate this is going to take a few weeks to get it done right so please bear with me, and if you’d like to know when it’s all done, please be sure to subscribe to the feed for this blog, and join the Forum. The links for these are in the sidebar. Many thanks to all of you who have written to encourage me!!!

  • Update on The Nursing Site

    I’ve been given permission to repost my content from About.com and so I will begin to upload as much as I can over the next few days. This will be an ongoing process and I will add new content as well. Thanks for your loyalty. If you have suggestions for content or would like to write a guest article, please Email me at: kathyquan@roadrunner.com. As always, please understand that all content (including artwork and photos) here is copyrighted and if you want to use it in part or in full, you MUST Email me at kathyquan@roadrunner.com for permission first. That includes posting blocks of my text on your blog! It…