• News for Nurses

    This post is going to be a hodgepodge of information as the holidays rapidly approach and the year winds down. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!!! Hope 2011 brings new and exciting times. I have a few guest posts in the queue that I hope you will enjoy as we move forward. Being a nurse is always hard at this time of the year. We would all rather be at home with our loved ones. But it’s important to remember that our patients need us and depend on us. We make a difference in someone’s life everyday! Here’s an inspirational story from NurseTogether.com. In 2010, the…

  • Resources for the Nurse’s Computer, Palm or Pocket PC

    I discovered a terrific site for nurses to find “Free and Free to Try Downloads” for the computer (Windows and Mac), Palm, or Pocket PC. This is all software for nurses and health care professionals and includes such items as medical dictionaries, calculation programs, drug books, diabetic resources, lab values, diagnostic tools, ICU tools, etc. Check it out at I Love Nurses. photo: Kathy Quan