• Another Way to Honor the Nursing Profession During Nurses Week

    Do something for YOU and your fellow nurses to celebrate Nurses Week….. Call or email your Senators and Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor legislation in the House or Senate that improves Home Health Care and allows for Advance Practice nurses such as NPs. Clinical Nusre Specialists and Nurse Midwifes to sign orders for home health care for their patients. This is LONG OVERDUE. Read more….

  • Nurses Improve Care and Outcomes

    Once again the value of nurses in providing quality care and improved outcomes for patients has been demonstrated by a study involving family medicine practices and diabetic patients. From the Annals of Family Medicine; January/February 2008.This result is not surprising. However, this particular study looks at outcomes in family practices with Nurse Practitioners versus physicians alone and practices with physicians and Physician Assistants. The practices with NPs provided better care. John Q. Public may not understand why this is so, but nurses will certainly understand why. The minimum education requirements for PAs and NPs is vastly different, as is the content and focus. You can become a PA with an…