• National Nurse Act of 2011 Continues to Garner Supporters

    The National Nurse Act of 2011 (HR 3679) continues to gain support across the country; the latest coming from the NY Assembly. See the National Nursing Network Organization Web Log for details. This act is cost neutral and non-partisan. As preventable diseases continue to rise and drive the cost of health care ever higher (at a time when we can least afford it) the need for public health education is more important than ever. Almost half of Americans are health care illiterate essentially meaning they don’t know what they don’t know and therefore can’t find out answers to help them lead healthier lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases and/or the complications…

  • Rep.Eddie Bernice Johnson Honors Fellow Nurses

    Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) was a nurse before she became a Congresswoman. Today she addressed Congress to honor nurses during Nurses Week, and encouraged the support of The National Nurse Act of 2011 a cost neutral, bipartisan act which she introduced in Congress last year. Her words say it eloquently. Sponsored by Keiser University’s Online Nursing Degree

  • National Nurse Act Gaining Momentum

    The National Nurse Act of 2011(HR 3679) now has 24 Congressional co-sponsors. Click on the little ARROW next to Special Interest: HR3679 to drop down the list. Please contact your Congressional Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor. Information and directions for doing this are on the National Nurse Website. The act also has garnered 103 individual and group endorsements as of 2/28/12. Please make an endorsement and consider a one time or monthly Donation to the cause. This act is cost neutral and non-partisan. Follow the National Nurse Campaign on FACEBOOK.

  • Support the National Nurse Act of 2011

    Nearly 50% of adults (over 16) in the US are considered to be health care illiterate. That doesn’t simply mean they can’t read. In fact, many can read quite well. It means that they don’t understand enough about their own health status and about the health care systems to be able to even ask the right questions to find out the answers they need. The Costs of Health Care Illiteracy Handing Joe a pamphlet to read about his newly diagnosed type II diabetes won’t help him to understand what diabetes is (it’s not an allergy to table sugar?), how he needs to adjust his diet and exercise, nor how to…