• A Salute to Our Vets!

    Yikes, I see my Happy Veteran’s Day post is lost somewhere in cyberspace. Well then I just have to adhere to the idea that we should say THANK YOU to our Veterans EVERYDAY for the many sacrifices they make to keep us safe. We all know very well that Freedom is not FREE!! As nurses we always have a special place in our hearts for our colleagues who serve in the military and help to care for and keep our troops safe and well. Thanks to all of you!!! photo © Kathy Quan

  • Nursing is Not a Gender

    As Nurses Week continues, let’s remember that nursing is not a gender, it is a profession. In fact, the first nurses were men, and men dominated the nursing profession for centuries. Today, men make up about 6-7% of the civilian nursing workforce in the U.S. In the U.S. military, men make up about 35% of the nursing workforce. The art of nursing is not just for women. Help us to grow the nursing workforce by encouraging others (men and women alike) to become nurses. photo: Microsoft.com