• Honors for The Nursing Site

    I would like to thank Berxi Insurance once again for bestowing honors for The Nursing Site as one of the Best Nursing Bloggers Around . We are always honored and humbled to be in such distinguished company. Berxi is one of the leading malpractice insurance companies servicing nurses. Please check out their website and the other bloggers, blogs and vlogs they have honored for 2023. The fantastic list of 30 sites includes six different topic and audience categories for nursing students, new nurses and seasoned nurses. Congratulations to all of the other sites honored.

  • Why Nurses Need Professional Liability Insurance

    A Guest post from Robert Hauser… All medical professionals should have a good malpractice policy in place, including nurses. A lot of nurses think they are immune from malpractice claims; after all, it is doctors who are most commonly sued, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Nurses can be sued for malpractice as well, and a nurse who is not protected by a nursing liability insurance policy is in danger of losing his or her career and even being forced into bankruptcy. Malpractice is defined as damage or injury to a patient that is the result of misconduct, negligence or breach of duty on the part of a professional…