• More Storms Coming Stay Prepared

    So glad Gustav wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I know it has been frustrating for those who had to leave their homes when it turned out not to be so bad, but there was significant damage to utilities and the threat was real. Better to be safe than sorry. We have to learn from history and sometimes, yes, we do over react. But no one ever wants to see another event like Katrina! It’s easy for me to say that, but I live in earthquake country where we don’t have warnings. We have what we all call “earthquake weather” where we think it’s too hot and too…

  • Be SAFE Please!!!

    Hoping everyone heeds the warnings, and helps their neighbors who need it, to get out of the path of Gustav! Upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane in Cuba, likely to be a Cat 5 as it hits the Gulf Coast late Sunday, early Monday. Let us NOT have another Katrina!!! And for those celebrating the traditional “end of summer” Labor Day Holiday, please be safe. Drink responsibly and drive safely! photo: morguefile.com