• A Little Humor for Your Day

    Perhaps you have heard this already, but it gave me a giggle yesterday. They say laughter can add 8 years to your life, so laugh a little today! This is NOT a true story, but it’s cute. (See Snopes.com) Picabo (Peekaboo) Street the former Olympic skier has become an ICU nurse now and works in an intensive care unit in a large metropolitan hospital. She is not allowed to answer the phones however, because she was causing a great deal of confusion: “Picabo, ICU.” Picabo has been the brunt of jokes her entire life, as would most anyone with an unusual name. She is not a nurse, but she has…

  • Laugh Long and Hard Everyday!

    Nurses have to have a sense of humor to survive the day-to-day basics of patient care! A reader sent me a link to a wonderful bit of humor about the 10 Terrible Patients You’ll Find in Every Hospital, and How to Deal With Them. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few. I know I did. Enjoy! Share some of your worst patients on The Nursing Site Forum, and how you dealt with them…..of course please be sure to be mindful of HIPAA regs and don’t include any identifying information.