• Health Care is Going Home…. No Surprise to Home Health Nurses

    There’s an interesting commentary in the latest New England Journal of Medicine on how the future of health care will revolve around home care for a variety of reasons. Ask any home care nurse for an opinion, and you may be surprised to know that we’ve been spouting this gospel for YEARS now. Nice to know that the medical community is beginning to catch on! You can find the link on my Housecalls-Online.com blog.  Read more about home health care nursing.

  • For Home Health Nurses

    If you have an interest in home health nursing, make note that I have recently revamped my website, Housecalls-Online.com which has been around for almost a decade now. You will also find some helpful information on my other home health site: HomeHealth101.com I have also started a Forum for home health professionals on Google Groups. It’s just getting started, but there’s always a lot going on in home health care. So step in and start a thread….I’m sure you have something to say about OASIS C….. (UPDATE sorry this never really took off and these groups are gone) UPDATE: Join us on FACEBOOK. Feel free to start a related discussion.…