• Kindle Countdown Sale for Home Health Book Starts January 31

    Anyone interested in learning more about intermittent skilled home healthcare should explore this deal. My book, Exploring the Home Health Care Experience, is available in Kindle format for 99 cents for 7 days only: From 8AM PST January 31, 2019 through 12PM February 7, 2019 (Regular Kindle price is $9.99) It’s a KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=7078878011  

  • For Home Health Nurses

    If you have an interest in home health nursing, make note that I have recently revamped my website, Housecalls-Online.com which has been around for almost a decade now. You will also find some helpful information on my other home health site: HomeHealth101.com I have also started a Forum for home health professionals on Google Groups. It’s just getting started, but there’s always a lot going on in home health care. So step in and start a thread….I’m sure you have something to say about OASIS C….. (UPDATE sorry this never really took off and these groups are gone) UPDATE: Join us on FACEBOOK. Feel free to start a related discussion.…

  • An Updated HomeHealth101.com

    For those of you who may have an interest in home health nursing, I want to let you know that I have competed an update of my website HomeHealth101.com. ©2009 by Kathy Quan RN BSN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • Forum for Home Health Nurses

    I know from experience that there are a lot of home health nurses out there who need a place to share information and to vent. It’s hard to get a forum up and running and keep it active. The ones with the largest numbers of members and active participants have gotten greedy and gone way too commercial for my blood. If you’re looking for a new place to visit and share some of your experiences and ask questions of your peers you might want to check out the Home Health Forum 6/11 UPDATE: This forum site no longer exists. So I have some alternatives for you:          I have a…