• Kindle Countdown Sale for Home Health Book Starts January 31

    Anyone interested in learning more about intermittent skilled home healthcare should explore this deal. My book, Exploring the Home Health Care Experience, is available in Kindle format for 99 cents for 7 days only: From 8AM PST January 31, 2019 through 12PM February 7, 2019 (Regular Kindle price is $9.99) It’s a KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=7078878011  

  • Documentation Help for Nurses and Home Health Professionals

    Documentation is a common issue for many nurses. It’s an absolute necessity wherever you practice. And we all learned in Nursing 101 that if you don’t chart it, you didn’t do it! It’s a legal issue and it’s a nursing issue for continuity of care. How often have you gone in to follow another nurse and felt uncomfortable because it isn’t clear in the chart what was done, what was given and/or what education was provided; never mind what the outcomes were?!  Patient safety is left at risk. Precious time is wasted re-inventing the wheel in a system where a shortage of staff can not afford to waste any time!…

  • Core Competencies and the Continuum of Care

    The high cost of health care has to be managed. This requires patients to learn about their own health conditions, and how to manage them appropriately so as to avoid setbacks and complications. Patients must take responsibility for their health status and practice wellness. In order to do this, patients have to be well educated about their medical status. Across the continuum of health care, patient education begins in the physician’s office and carries through to the after hours care, the urgent care and emergency room, the hospitalists and the home health care team. Each professional and team builds on the education and assessment of the patient’s status and how…

  • Health Care is Going Home…. No Surprise to Home Health Nurses

    There’s an interesting commentary in the latest New England Journal of Medicine on how the future of health care will revolve around home care for a variety of reasons. Ask any home care nurse for an opinion, and you may be surprised to know that we’ve been spouting this gospel for YEARS now. Nice to know that the medical community is beginning to catch on! You can find the link on my Housecalls-Online.com blog.  Read more about home health care nursing.