• New Patient’s Bill of Rights

    A new Patient’s Bill of Rights has been made possible as the health care reform act begins to be enacted beginning in September. Read this list of consumer protections and help your patients understand their new rights.

  • Nursing Issues in Health Care Reform Bill

    There are some very important issues for nurses in the Health Care Reform debate. They include: Funding for nursing education and the education of more nurse educators Rights and responsibilities for APRNs Quality of care issues The House of Representative is set to vote on Saturday Nov. 7 on HR 3962, the final House version of Health Care Reform. Each if these issues is included in the bill. The ANA supports this bill and urges nurses to READ the proposed legislation on theses nursing issues included and to contact their legislators to support this legislation.

  • Health Care Reform

    Health care reform is needed in this country! Have you spent hours on the phone with an insurance company trying to get coverage for yourself, a loved on, or a patient? Until you have you won’t understand how badly this is needed. Some eighteen year old tells you NO, and the CEO is off on some private island enjoying life and his gigantic bonus while the patient has a huge gaping hole in their abdomen and is expected to do their own IVs and wound care at home….yeah that’s a real story!!! How many Americans have had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills even WITH health insurance coverage? But…