• Happy Mother’s Day

    Often Mother’s Day falls somewhere within Nurses Week which makes it a double-good celebration. Whether you are a mother or not, we all have had mothers. I hope you have all had time to celebrate with your loved ones or had some great phone calls or Face Times. I hope you’re enjoying your Nurses Week. Take time to honor yourself and practice essential self care routines. Self care is so very important for all nurses!! Stay tuned in….Later in the week, I will announce a couple of Give Aways and provide rules to participate.  

  • Happy Nurses Day 2022!

    Happy Nurses Day and Week 2022! Thank you to each and every one of you for ALL that you do. It has been an impossible couple of years and we’ve all been through the wringer! Never before has it been more important to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise whenever possible! To hug your children and your spouse and family and friends. It’s been awhile since we could do that, and some places it may not yet be safe. So do what you can. Human touch has never been so important!! I wish you all a great day and week and hope that your…

  • Spring Holidays

    I hope everyone had a great Easter, Passover, Ramadan or whatever you celebrate this time of year! I read that it’s once every 33 years that these three holidays coincide. My fourth grandchild was born last week too. He’s absolutely adorable, and after some bumps in the road, they all emerged from the birthing process intact. Enjoy the renewal that comes with Spring. Breathe, drink in the beauty around you and do something for YOU! Happy Spring! Kathy

  • We Need More Nurses in Congress

    Healthcare has been through the wringer in the past 2 years  from COVID-19. In the US there have been almost 82 Million cases and over 1.9 Million deaths. So very many Americans are living with long reaching effects of having had COVID. The widespread misinformation from the very beginning and even now has cost Americans in millions of ways including financially, economically, job status, family relationships, etc. We pay for it every day at the grocery store, the gas pump, in the cost of all goods and services and the total lack of them. In our daily lives, masks and social isolation has taken a huge toll on every American.…

  • TheNursingSite.com is Back!

    It’s been awhile, but TheNursingSite.com is relaunching today after a moderate hiatus. Things just got out of hand and the Omicron variant hit my (vaccinated) household just after Christmas. Although I didn’t catch it, I was of course required to quarantine and work remotely while helping to get others back to health. It seemed impossible to catch up but finally there is light on the horizon. I feel compelled to jump back in at a time when the nursing profession has been overwhelmed and is struggling to hang on.   COVID FUNDING CRISIS Just when we thought we had a handle on things we got hit with another COVID variant…