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Post 2023 Product Reviews for Nurses

Sheec Socks

Before we jump into 2024, I have a couple of Post 2023 product reviews for nurses to wrap up. Socks and shoes are very important to nurses and can easily make or break their day! In November, I was generously gifted some fabulous socks from Sheec Socks and after trying most of them, (which took me awhile) I definitely have a favorite! (ComFits compression socks) I purchased a few more of these and bought some for my son who is also an RN. He prefers the ankle style and I like the quarter crew length.

Sheec Socks offers a Discount Program to medical personnel. And they often run great sales frequently! For instance, ss of today, they offer 15% off on Staff Picks. Check out their multiple styles and designs. You’re sure to find something to delight your feet. The ComFits even tell you which foot to put them on! (See the little R and L in the photo!)

Kuru Shoes

Combined with my Kuru  Quantum shoes, my feet and legs are in heaven! No more foot pain! And my knees and hips are so much less stressed by awkward steps. I am retired now, but even sitting at my computer writing most of the day, I bask in the comfort! My son spends his days standing in the OR as he trains and eventually hopes to become part of the Heart Team. Energizing comfort is an essential part of his day as it is for any nurse!

Kuru also generously gifted a pair of their Atom shoes in late December. My son wears the Atom style so we chose a pair for him. He has worn the Kuru Atom since he started working as a nurse on telemetry a few years ago and he absolutely swears by them as his pain in his feet and knees was eliminated! This definitely influenced my choice of Kuru when I threw my last pair of uncomfortable shoes in the trash! I chose the Quantum style for a little more structure. I swear by them now as well! They offer great support and comfort whether at work or at play!

Kuru also offers a generous Rewards program. Earn Rewards with each purchase to use towards future purchases. Kuru was listed in the Top 10 shoes for nurses in a recent survey showing the Top 27 shoes for nurses for 2023. Personally, having tried some of the other top 10 shoes, I would have listed Kuru higher. Try them and see what you think. Kuru offers a free 45 day return policy on most purchases so you have nothing to lose.


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