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Nurses in the News – Let’s Catch Up

Nurses in the News – Let’s play catch up here with some important information and links…

Well it’s been anther couple of pretty stressful weeks. With all of the devastating mass shootings across the country, and COVID rearing it’s ugly head again in several areas. And now we’re seeing the beginnings of a Monkey Pox issue. Hopefully there will be a better response and efforts to contain the outbreak. There’s just never a dull moment for nurses!

The Nurses March last month did not receive the media attention most had hoped for but if you follow them on Facebook and IG, they are continuing their efforts and you’ll find out how to join and support.

Travel nurses are reporting that hospitals across the country are cancelling contracts and no longer issuing as many new opportunities. Salaries were at peak levels especially during COVID, but now they’re dropping fast. See more from NBC news.

Lippincott is offering a One Day Virtual event  June 16, 2022. It’s an online clinical conference for nurses who provide direct patient care, as well as nurse managers and administrators. The one day event offers a 90-day on demand replay (through Sept.14, 2022) so that attendees can earn up to 18.25 CE credits. The cost is $199. REGISTER TODAY

Primary elections are happening around the country. Please VOTE. And help support health care professionals who are running for office. We need many more nurses in Congress. Health care issues being decided by lay people is absurd. We need voices on both sides of the aisle disseminating valid and truthful education and information. Lives depend on it!

I cannot afford the luxury of a closed mind — Clara Barton

Be well and Be safe!

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