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Product Review:New Butter Face Mask Friction and Lip Balm

I was recently provided the opportunity to test and review a product for mask friction and lip balm from Butter Face USA. I was reluctant at first because my skin is hyper sensitive and although I do wear a mask at work and whenever I’m out running errands, I don’t wear one as much as hospital nurses do. But with theButter Face Balms Santa Ana winds in So. CA, and the associated lack of humidity, my skin has been super dry despite applying moisturizers. I began to notice some friction and irritation and decided to give these products a good try.

The balm quickly healed my irritation and softened my skin within a day and has even helped with the lack of moisture from the winds. It helps prevent a recurrence as well. I always use one specific lip balm, but gave this one a good try and I would call it a very close race. These are both Non GMO, human tested, and made in the USA. Unlike many similar products they have no mineral oil which can be very damaging to some skin.

My only negative is the smell of the face balm. If they could reduce that, it would be fabulous!!! However, it quickly fades and I would have to say it’s well worth sucking it up for a few minutes to have your face not falling off from having to wear masks constantly.

With a new surge of COVID-19 starting up again all over the world, you might want to try this product for yourself. Masks are not going to go away any time soon, and with harsh winter weather coming, dry skin is only going to become more of a problem.


Full disclosure: I have no financial relationship. I was sent a free sample of each the face balm and lip balm (pictured) for review purposes.




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