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Time to Enforce Safe Living to Defeat COVID19

In the US we used to live in just a few years ago, the public health reporting of communicable diseases both bacterial and viral was such a very different picture from what we’re seeing on the news today. We need to factor in the vast number of people who aren’t being tested and realize how very many more people are actually sick with the coronavirus COVID19 or are positive carriers spreading the disease faster than we can keep up. That number is one we can only estimate in our minds. But the point is, the real picture of this disease is much grimmer than we know – and than we will ever know.

N95 respirator
N95 respirator

These tremendously deflated numbers are being used to support the so-called preparation for what they tried to call a hoax. The numbers tell a story of why we received far fewer tests than we need as well as the ridiculous amount of PPE and ventilators. It’s propaganda being used to try to convince us we’re almost ready to ramp us business again and go about our lives as usual by April 12.

Medical experts and doctors and nurses on the front lines paint a very different picture and are clamoring for PPE to protect themselves and help prevent the spread of this deadly virus. There is a huge unfilled demand for ventilators needed to save the most critical patients. Sane minds in government are pressing for stricter guidelines and more cooperation from the public to stay home and stop shedding virus all over.

Testing is not everything

In the reality of the US today, testing is far less important. We have all been taught to assume everyone is infected and to take necessary precautions and act accordingly. We learned these lessons many years ago starting with the Aids and then the Ebola epidemics.  It’s not rocket science, it’s nursing science! Use your critical thinking skills!!! It’s time to calm the nerves and press on and work to eradicate this enemy. There is NO treatment except a ventilator for those in dire condition. We can only treat the symptoms of cough and fever and possible GI disturbances. And even then we perhaps run the risk of masking worsening symptoms. Comfort care is essential. Sanitary conditions are absolutely necessary. Quarantining or isolating is common sense! PREVENTION is key to containing this virus and gaining control.

Much of the care can and should be done in the patient’s own home in lieu of hospitalization when possible by isolating the patient in one room and minimizing all other contact. Using specific utensils and linens for the infirmed only. Washing them separately in hot water and soap. Maintain their hydration, nutrition and make sure they sleep as much as their body requires. Oxygen and nebulizers may be used in the home and a home health nurse should be assigned to make visits to assess and supervise the care. If we can keep the hospitalizations only for the sickest patients we can better manage the crisis.

Chloroquine phosphate

There is NO miracle cure! Unfortunately, people have listened to Donald Trump prescribing (without any medical knowledge, education or license) chloroquine phosphate as a cure. This is a snake-oil presentation and people have tried self-medicating without prescription or medical care. However, one couple, in particular, bought a form of the chemical substance that is used to clean algae from aquariums and is NOT FIT for human consumption. Now a man is DEAD and his wife in critical condition because, in their own words, they believed Trump. Perhaps her anger at this betrayal will help her pull through. There have been many more deaths worldwide from the use of this drug even under medical care.

Chloroquine phosphate (aka Plaquenil or Resochin) was originally used to treat malaria. Today it’s used primarily for lupus and RA and other inflammatory chronic diseases and now it’s on backorder for the people who truly need this medication. It requires a prescription and close medical monitoring for a wealth of serious side effects including blindness.   The FDA has NOT approved it for use in the US for COVUD19! And it’s probably not likely to do so unless Trump holds a gun to their heads.

Common sense questions the safety of this in the first place. Researchers have said that people with inflammatory diseases are more prone to COVID19 and using anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and Aleve can make their response to the virus even worse. So why in the world would another drug which reduces inflammatory responses be advised?! Perhaps, like the manufacturer of the only tests used until recently, this drug manufacturer is connected to the Trump/Kuschner family as well? Or are they practicing insider trading with our lives? Follow the money…?

Workarounds are essential

Regardless of your political views, (illness is non-political) the medical community has got to work TOGETHER to find and create workarounds to provide the excellent medical care we know how to despite whatever DJT throws out there as a wild hope to jump-start the economy in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century! We as medical minds need to spread TRUTH, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY in order to manage this crisis and find our way out of the hell hole together! That is NOT going to happen by April 12! People need to practice safe living and PREVENT the spread of this deadly virus. The curve must be flattened if we’re going to have a chance and the longer people disobey the rules, the longer and more deadly it will be!  We are ALL in this together so do your part to participate and educate others:

  • Stay home if you’re sick – it will save lives!
  • Social distancing means staying 6 feet away from the next human being. The reason for that is because should one of you cough or sneeze, even into an elbow, the droplet spray will not reach the other person. Five feet is not a safe zone! Six feet!!!! (You cannot play basketball or volleyball with friends and be social distancing! There’s a reason the NBA canceled games, even if they had no audience!!! )
  • Your pets aren’t going to spread the virus so love them and DO NOT dump them at shelters! If it’s a money matter, call your vet for resources.
  • Protect yourself! If your employer wants to fire you for using a mask, there’s another employer nearby who’ll be happy to have you!
  • Wash your hands more than you thought you would in your entire lifetime!
  • Replenish yourself. Get sleep, eat right, and HYDRATE!!!
  • EDUCATE your loved ones and friends to listen to trained medical professionals and contact their physician for advice!

Don’t make another human being die alone in a hospital room (no visitor allowed) on a ventilator because you or a friend or loved one decided a party was more important than being socially responsible and staying home!