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Please Support The National Nurse Act

The National Nurse Act for Public Health (HR 1597 and S 696) are important Identical bills before both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The act would designate an already funded position, the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS to be the National Nurse for Public Health, and give nurses a huge voice in public health for all Americans.

Nurses are 4 million strong and need a solid voice and strong leadership to  educate the public in how to Prevent chronic illnesses and complications which take a huge toll on the health care industry as well as the financial status of all Americans. We face multiple public health crises including the Opioid crisis. We have an emerging Measles epidemic and chronic illnesses are reaching epidemic proportion.  Nurses are the most trusted profession in America and they can make a difference.

Read more about The National Nurse Act and help us TAKE ACTION by printing and mailing the postcard below to your 2 Senators and your Representative TODAY. (Find their addresses by following the link on the instructions below. From there,  link to the Senator or Representative’s website and look for their offices. Send to the Washington DC office, and any others if you wish.)We need all of them to sign on to co-sponsor this important legislation. NationalNursePostcard-1

Encourage your family and friends to do so as well. The purpose of this campaign is to FLOOD their offices with snail mail before they return to office on Sept. 6. Send one for yourself and another for significant other and any other voters in your household! It takes a few minutes and 1 Forever stamp/card.  Be sure to fill in your name and address on the front of the card so they can validate that you are a constituent.

Help make a difference today!


National Nurse Campaign postcard