• Starched White Uniforms Had Their Place???

    Nurses get dirty. That’s just a fact of life and part of the job description. So nurses need uniforms that can take a lot of torture from on-the-job messes to frequent laundering with chemicals and temperatures meant to kill bacteria as well as the fabrics. Scrubs are one of the best things ever invented to fill this need. They offer many colorful options and a variety of designs to lighten the spirit. Thank heavens the days of white starched uniforms and white stockings are long gone!!! How nurses functioned in them is still a mystery. And those caps??? Whatever was up with those??? Scrubs are comfortable and allow for ease…

  • Never Forget 9-11-01

    photo by Kathy Quan There is nothing as sobering as standing at Ground Zero and realizing the way the world was changed that day. We will never forget.