• Happy July 4th

    Happy July 4th! Have a safe and happy holiday!!! Take a moment to give thanks and say a prayer for our military nurses. Here’s a great post from Sara Ellis that puts it all in perspective. Thanks Sara!

  • Troubles with Hosting

    If you’ve been trying to access The Nursing Site, and even this blog over the last few days, I appologize for any issues. I am setting up new hosting for The Nursing Site so that eventually it can be more efficient and I can update the site more easily. However, this is taking forever to accomplish!!! Somehow the hosting folks have now lost my nameservers info for the blog too and so we’re experiencing some intermittent troubles. Hopefully it will all resolve SOON!!! I’m soooo frustrated with it, and I’m sure you are too. Thanks for hanging in there with me. HAPPY 4th of July!!!!!

  • Meg Whitman Taking on California Nurses– Political Suicide?

    Meg Whitman has chosen to take on the California Nurses Association in her campaign to become the next governor of California. She didn’t learn that this can be a very dangerous thing for CA politicians to do? Nurses are joining teachers and other unions to donate millions and campaign for Democratic candidate Jerry Brown. Read more….