• Need a National Nurse Now More Than Ever!!

    We need a National Nurse NOW to provide the leadership and guidance to help us provide the best quality health care possible in this decade and beyond. Here’s another tidbit of the games ANA is playing…. read and comment (there) please.

  • What Things Do You Think Nurses Know?

    For those considering a career in nursing, here is a dynamic list of 25 Things You May Not Know About What Nurses Know. Everyday nurses get asked what it is that they do and since nursing is such an all encompassing career, some of these may well define exactly what they do everyday.

  • Yes, Nurse Practitioners Can (and Should) Make More Money than Some Doctors

    Nurses have battled the image of being doctor’s helpers for so long and sometimes it seems as if we have broken through that barrier, and other times it feels as if we are being stuffed right back into that box. Whether or not Congress ever gets the health care reform passed, there are many changes that must take place in order for the quality and affordability of health care to improve and meet the challenges of this new decade and beyond. Nurse practitioners have grown to be one of the most well respected branches of the nursing profession and yet the public has yet to come to the same conclusion.…

  • What Happens When Someone Files a BRN Complaint?

    Nursing is regarded as one of the most ethical professions. But nurses are human and can make mistakes, although we all strive very hard to avoid them. And over the course of my 30 years in the profession, I have to say I’ve known a few individuals who needed to (and often were) stripped of their license or sanctioned in some manner by the BRN. So what happens when a patient or family member, a physician, or co-worker files a complaint with the board of nursing? Angela Hermosillo, RN, JD, a nurse-attorney has written a nice article for Working Nurse about the process. photo: Jason Morrison stock.xchng.com