• Infographic: Dissecting Patient-Centered Care

    From University of Arizona’s College of Nursing University of Arizona Online Nursing Degree NOTE: If the graphic doesn’t show up on your browser, you can view it here: University of Arizona Online Nursing Degree window.amznpubstudioTag = “daretodreampr-20”;

  • Great Products for Nurses

    Well November came and went in a hurry and I was swamped with other projects. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the whole holiday season! Try to not overdo and overstress. Stay well and take time to enjoy your family and friends during this exciting time of year! I am way overdue in sending shout outs for a few products I have received for review. So let me take this opportunity to tell you about some really great finds!!! Respiratory Guide First off I was given the opportunity a few months back to read and review a great resource for Respiratory care. Michael J Fischer, RRT, has…