• Stain Removal Guide

    Nurses are the most trusted professionals year after year in the Gallup Poll. Nurses try hard to maintain that level of professionalism despite all of the spills and stains they are unable to avoid each day. It’s not always easy to get those stains out! One of the sponsors of TheNursingSite.com, Uniform Advantage, has derived this terrific stain removal guide. I hope you find it useful! Anything that reduces laundry struggles for me is worth it’s weight in gold!! P.S. Check out the scrubs at Uniform Advantage too!

  • If Rosie Can Rivet, Why Can’t I Go to Nursing School?

    By Linda Bright Introduction: It’s no secret that male nurses are more common than ever. What many people don’t realize is that many male nurses still struggle with stigmatization as a result of their chosen career. It doesn’t seem to matter how many people male nurses help or how many lives they save—there’s always someone trying to argue that nursing isn’t a “masculine” profession. For many people, the stigmatization that surrounds male nursing is so significant that it actually deters many them from pursuing nursing as a career. A study conducted by Duke University back in April discovered that most male undergraduates don’t consider a career in nursing since it…