• Many Thanks for Those Working the Holidays!

    A big shout out to the nurses at Kaiser Woodland Hills Hospital especially in the ER and Telemetry. Thanks for all you did for my mom the past few days. We’re thankful for those who worked the holiday and holiday weekend!! Because being there for patients, sacrificing time with our own loved ones, is what we do. The 10 firefighters and paramedics were great too!!!!(And soooo good looking too.) Had the ultimate scary experience! Went to pick up mom for Thanksgiving dinner and found her in the bathtub. Alert, oriented X4, but cold from spending the night in the tub. No she won’t wear the Life Alert, and doesn’t take…

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing all of you the very happiest of Thanksgiving days. Make some wonderful memories and remember that you make a difference in someone’s life everyday! That is especially true for all the nurses working today!!!

  • ONN Update

    The Office of the National Nurse has an ad included in new literature about health care reform just sent to the House of Representatives. Click here to download the .pdf file.

  • Nursing Novellas Offer Unique Teaching Tool

    Two issues that are major players in the nursing world are loss and grief and lateral violence (aka nurses eat their young). For new nurses, these can be problems that make or break a career. For those who are burned out and having trouble coping with caring for others, it can be a major turning point as well and not always for the best. Author Amy Glenn Vega has provided two terrific nursing novellas to illustrate these issues and how one hospital core unit copes with them. Led by their nurse manager, Donna, the staff grows and learns together how to improve their own situations as individuals as well as…